At Lionstone, we place high importance on transparency, not only through financial reporting but also through the communication of our ESG strategy and objectives. We have developed the below ESG objectives, fully integrated them into the investment process and are committed to monitoring progress and implementing strategies to meet our goals.


  • Achieving our long-term reduction targets:
    • Energy & GHG Emissions – reduce by 20% over 10 years or 2% annually
    • Water—reduce by 30% over 10 years or 3% annually
    • Waste—increase recycling rates to at least 75% over 10 years
  • Seeking to continually and steadily improve performance across our real estate portfolios through monitoring and regular reporting of building energy, emissions, water and waste within our control.
  • Continually identifying low-cost measures, analyzing capital improvements and evaluating technologies to improve building performance.
  • Pursuing ENERGY STAR certification for eligible buildings annually.
  • Evaluating the feasibility of third-party green building certifications such as LEED.


  • Engaging with our identified stakeholders regularly on material issues
    • Investors—Disclosing ESG performance in investor reports and providing regular updates on our LIONSHARE ESG program
    • Property Managers—Providing tools and resources to engage property managers on sustainability issues and encouraging the implementation of sustainability practices and measures
    • Tenants—Encouraging sustainable practices by our tenants through the deployment of tenant engagement tools such as distributing educational materials, hosting events, and conducting tenant satisfaction surveys.
    • Employees—Engaging employees by providing regular training including ESG topics, conducting annual career performance reviews, offering employee benefits and promoting health & well-being
    • Community—Creating programs and hosting events that enhance Lionstone’s and our property’s local communities


  • Creating oversight and accountability through the direction of our ESG Taskforce
  • Disclosing our ESG objectives publicly and reviewing and updating them regularly