Lionstone analyzes diverse data sets and uses a proprietary algorithm based approach to translate information into a highly detailed understanding of location and physical space.

This process starts at a national level in an effort to understand which US cities house the most competitive industries—industries that capture out-sized GDP and heightened productivity in areas where they cluster. We call these “Places For Productive People.”® We then measure and map these productivity clusters and target properties that feature the physical characteristics that attract the greatest tenant demand. This data-driven, productivity-based approach to investing results in a nuanced understanding of space that is part of Lionstone’s DNA and is a key source of Lionstone’s competitive advantage. The result of this advanced analysis, combined with the Lionstone Network of market leaders, informs the investor decisions and property strategies that drive and maintain investment value.

Lionstone At-a-Glance
(as of 06/30/2018)

17,049,000 total square feet of assets
$1.3 Billion in new investments in 2017 and 2018 to date
10 Projects in active development
54 professionals
25 institutional investors
17 operating partners


Fast, actionable, and constantly evolving analysis is the foundation for investment decisions and the source of competitive advantage for Lionstone.

The firm’s advanced analytics is applied to the selection of often obscure but highly valuable opportunities that typically go unseen in other investment firms. With this proprietary in-house approach, Lionstone Investments hunts for investments within certain internationally competitive cities where the most productive U.S. professional workers congregate. Lionstone’s advanced analytics isolates geographic areas and then drills down into submarkets and specific locations—revealing where the highest economic productivity and greatest demand for space exists relative to supply.

It’s the simple idea of a space combined with the data-driven analysis of what’s informing the demand—exactly who wants it, specifically why, and precisely when—that drives us here.”
Glenn Lowenstein

Investment Locations

Bay Area
Los Angeles
New York City
Salt Lake City
San Diego
Washington, D.C.


Lionstone’s capital markets analytics are designed to identify pricing inefficiencies or in other words, instances in which debt or equity markets diverge from fundamental value.

While primarily focusing on core, our investment programs span the spectrum into value-add and opportunistic risk. They are customized with consideration given to market opportunities and the structure that our investors’ desire. Portfolio Management is charged with delivering top portfolio performance, putting the investor first. Communications and reporting are timely and transparent. Every decision a portfolio manager executes is supported by Lionstone’s advanced analytics and is designed to minimize risk and maximize value to the investor.