• Opportunistic: Seattle, WA

  • Value- Add: Houston, TX

  • Core: Nashville, TN

  • Opportunistic: Seattle, WA

  • Core: Houston, TX

  • Opportunistic: Austin, TX

  • Value-Add: Dallas, TX

It’s the simple idea of a space combined with the complex issues informing its demand – exactly who wants it, specifically why, and precisely when – that drives us here.


Lionstone Investments

Lionstone is a privately owned real estate investment firm that specializes in conceptualizing, researching, and executing national investment strategies on behalf of institutional investors and high net worth individuals.

Lionstone bases its investment strategies on proprietary data and ideas centered around the ownership of real estate that serves the most productive segments of the US economy.

Lionstone Investments, 100 Waugh Drive, Suite 600, Houston, Texas 77007 · Direct: 713.533.5860