• Opportunistic: Seattle, WA

  • Value- Add: Houston, TX

  • Core: Nashville, TN

  • Opportunistic: Seattle, WA

  • Core: Houston, TX

  • Opportunistic: Austin, TX

  • Value-Add: Dallas, TX

It’s the simple idea of a space combined with the complex issues informing its demand – exactly who wants it, specifically why, and precisely when – that drives us here.

Lionstone Investments

Lionstone Investments is a privately owned real estate investment firm that specializes in conceptualizing, researching, and executing national investment strategies on behalf of institutional investors and high net worth individuals.

Lionstone has had one objective since inception in 2001: consistently generate attractive, risk-adjusted returns on real estate for its investors. The quality of Lionstone’s investment ideas is the greatest point of differentiation for the firm. Research, staff, technology, and leadership allow Lionstone to create unique investment strategies and effectively execute nationwide.

The business is organized across three investment programs: low risk (core), medium risk (value-add), and higher risk (opportunistic). Each program provides growth opportunities at a different point in the real estate cycle. As a result, Lionstone does not operate under pressure to invest any one type of capital at a particular time in the market. This structure is a major strength that reflects our culture of high performance and high trust.

Lionstone Investments, 100 Waugh Drive, Suite 600, Houston, Texas 77007 · Direct: 713.533.5860